Top 5 Tips When You Loose Your Car Key

Apart from the obvious costs that are involved the inconvenience of losing your car keys is significant as well.

Here is what we recommend you do if you think your car key has been lost:

1. Stay calm

The first reaction most of us have when we can’t find our keys is panic. But don’t, this makes it harder to think clearly to find the best solution. Think first about where you last saw your electronic car key, maybe it is not lost just misplaced. Retrace your steps and see if you can find it in one of the places you have just visited.

Check the ground in case you have dropped it and ask at the “Lost & Found” department if you are in a shopping center.

2. Accessing your spare electronic car key

Do you have a spare key? The short term solution is to get your spare key from home if you are out or use the spare until you can find the original if you are at home.

3. Calling your car dealer

If you don’t have a spare key or you need a replacement you can call your local car dealer and they should be able to help you with a new electronic car key. However, it will generally cost you much more than if you call a locksmith and you will have to go to their premises.

4. Phone a locksmith

Electronic car keys have been around for years and locksmiths are able to replace them easily. Make sure that the locksmith you call has the expertise to organize an electronic car key, and ideally has a mobile service, and can come to you.

They will need to know the make, model, year and VIN number of your vehicle. Also, check what identification they need from you before cutting a new key such as proof of vehicle ownership.

Remember to ask what the cost will be on the phone. Get the locksmith to confirm it when they arrive as well to avoid getting any nasty surprises when it comes to payment.

 5. How we can help

At Safe House Locksmiths, we have the experience to help you if you lose your electronic car key. We have mobile units that can help you wherever you are stranded. Call us on (08) 6500 1277 for a replacement car key in Perth or any other automotive locksmith needs you may have.