Security Tips for a Truly Relaxing Getaway

You’ve planned your itinerary, you’ve packed your bags and now it’s time to consider smart home security before hitting the road for your weekend away with the family.

Smart home technology, like smart locks, smart lights, and home automation, are convenient solutions that help homeowners protect, control and monitor their homes from anywhere in the world. Smart home security is more accessible than ever and here are our tips on how to keep your home safe, without sacrificing that vacation state-of-mind.


The number one tip to keeping petty criminals away is tricking them into thinking you and your family never left. Turning lights on and off in a couple of rooms is an easy way to ward off any potential home security threats.

Depending on your budget, we recommend investing in lamp timers or smart lights. Lamp timers are a cheap and easy DIY home security solution for a weekend vacation, but for the longer family trips, consider spending a bit more on smart lights. Most smart lights offer remote control allowing you to turn on and off the lights from anywhere in the world, giving the impression that someone is home.


You’ve asked the dog walker to stop by, your neighbor to check in on your house and your in-law to water the plants, but you’re worried about keeping track of when people are coming and going while you’re away.

Knowing who has access to your home provides the ultimate peace-of-mind. Thanks to smart locks, homeowners can schedule and distribute electronic keys (eKeys) and set notifications to control and know who has access to your home and when they have access to your home.

You can instantly know who’s coming and going… all while enjoying time on the beach with a drink in hand!


Creating a fully connected smart home is easier than it sounds with home automation platforms. Homeowners with compatible smart home products can create a fully connected home that allows for the ultimate remote monitoring experience.

Homeowners are able to remotely monitor and control their front doors, giving them the ability to know when the door is open, who opened the door and double-check to make sure the door is actually locked, and lock it if it isn’t.