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How Much to Change a Locks?

We normally charge between $40 and $65 to change a front door lock. To get your whole home fitted with the one master key for - let's say - 5 doors, it will cost you around $300. 

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Emergency Lockout Service

We specialise Emergency Lockouts.

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Most lockouts take around 30 minutes to sort out. They only take longer than that if there's been a burglary or if there is damage around the locks, windows or doors.

Locksmith Services

Additional Locksmith Work . . .

  • General Lock-outs
  • Emergency Lockouts (takes 30 minutes)
  • Keyhole Locks
  • Safe Locks & Systems
  • Consolidation of Keys
  • Security systems
  • Rekeying
  • Repair Locks
  • Changing Locks
  • Install New Locks
  • General Security
  • Padlocks
  • Gate & Fence Locks
  • Meter Locks
  • Master Locks

24 hour Emergency Locksmith Service

We aim to be the best Mobile locksmith and Emergency Locksmith Service in Perth. 

Servicing Perth suburbs from Butler to Secret Harbour 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Give us a try.

Rekey Locksmith

Rekeying usually happens when you have lost your keys (or just the one key) or if a key is missing or stolen.

If your lock is still working but you need a new set of keys, the most affordable option is to rekey the lock. We can rekey all the locks throughout your home and if you make a list of all the other locksmith issues you experience we'll work hard to give you a great deal.

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If he uses a crowbar, you may not need to change your locks

If he uses a crowbar, you may not need to change your locks

Keys, Gates & Burglaries

It's a good idea to rekey the main doors in your home if you have been recently burgled. This is one of the first things Police recommend you do. And don't forget the padlock on the side gate.

Other reasons to rekey locks for your home or business:

  • You are moving into a new home
  • Your current locks are old and worn
  • You have a broken lock or key
  • End of a rental lease
  • End of a relationship

Emboldening your home security, starting with the front door lock will make you feel safe. You'll be living in a safe house - get it ;) 

Of course, we can also rekey locks to match the one master key.

Master key system

A master key replaces all your keys. It will open everything. This is the one key to rule them all.

One key to rule them all

The same key that you use for your front door can also be used for your garage, your back door, kitchen door - even your bedroom door (although it might be best to use a separate, anti-teenager slash dog key for that particular room).

Over the years, we give house keys to friends, neighbours and sometimes we even hide keys under fake rocks in the garden for tradies or friends. Years go by and it's hard to keep track of just where all these keys are. How many keys have you had re-cut in recent years? Teenagers lose keys (and bus passes, and glasses) all the time. 

Not all locks are the same, so a master key might not work in all situations (e.g. the bedroom key). Call us on (08) 6311 7651 for a quote and we can discuss your various options. 

Master Key Cost

As a ballpark figure, fitting 5 doors to a master key system will cost just a little bit over $300 in most cases.

Rekey or Replace Keys and Locks?

You'll need a locksmith to replace locks in most cases. 

If you know how to use a lockset, you can save money by doing it yourself. However, it's often easier, quicker and much cheaper to give us a call. 

We can only rekey a lock if the lock is in good shape. It's a matter of buying new tumblers of differing sizes and resetting the lock cylinder. Because of this, rekeying a lock is cheaper than buying a whole new lock system, but the lock does needs to be in good condition. 

Rekeyable Lock Sets

These come with two keys and a reset key which is used to set the pins to a default position in the tumbler.